Saturday, 30 January 2010

Alisa Arnah in the BBC's The Survivors

This year I've been making a point to watch the second series of The Survivors on the BBC as I only ever saw bits and pieces of the first series at the end of 2008. Much of the first two episodes of this series revolve around some scientist types experimenting on regular character Abby to find a vaccine for the virus as they do not have immunity. Along the way we discover that (unknown to his colleagues) lead scientist Whitaker has been hiding his wife and son in the complex. And unknown to his wife the world outside has more or less ended.

I had the odd feeling I had seen the actress who played Jill Whitaker in something else so I looked her up. It turns out that I must have subconsciously recognised her because Alisa Arnah was in the BBC's Jane Eyre from 2006, a series I have watched many, many times. In that she played one of the spoilt daughters of Aunt Reed.

She did a good job in The Survivors especially in episode 2 when she manages to get out of her room in the complex and discovers Abby and some other people who have been rounded up for experimentation. When she learns the truth she helps Abby escape, potentially exposing herself to the virus. Hubby locks her in quarantine for her trouble.

Hopefully she will survive to episode 3, but I have my doubts...

Anyway, here's a few photos of Alisa that I found.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Ruth Wilson lovelyness overload

Some lovely new photos of Ruth Ellis Parrinder can be found at (via spiffyjellybean and thanks to Barbie).

Julianne Moore on cover of Times Magazine

Today's Times Magazine has a nice photo of Julianne Moore on the cover and I thought it would be worth scanning for posterity. I wouldn't consider myself a mega fan of Julianne but she has nice cheekbones and I must confess I have a weakness for redheads.

The images "weighs" over 1 MB because I had to scan at a higher resolution than I normally would to get rid of some annoying horizontal lines.


Saturday, 9 January 2010

Ruth Wilson - 8th most talented person on TV

Broadcast magazine has picked the 20 most talented people on TV and they've obviously put some thought into it as number eight on the list is actress Ruth Wilson. Her "engaging screen presence will see her go from strength to strength", says Broadcast.

Top 20 TV entertainers in 2010 -

1 Simon Cowell

2 Maxine Peake

3 Russell Tovey

4 Ant and Dec

5 Simon Bird

6 Martin Clunes

7 Andrew Marr

8 Ruth Wilson

9 Idris Elba

10 Cheryl Cole

11 Jamie Oliver

12 David Oyelowo

13 Charlie Brooker

14 Miranda Hart

15 Michael Portillo

16 Justin Lee Collins

17 Richard Hammond

18 Sophie Okonedo

19 David Mitchell

20 Ross Kemp