Saturday, 27 March 2010

Felicity Jones in Total Film

Felicity Jones' new movie Cemetery Junction is out soon and is being featured extensively in UK film magazines such as Total Film and Empire. Here's a scan of Felicity from the May 2010 issue of Total Film.

Friday, 26 March 2010

The Prisoner in April 2010?

A pointless news story in The Sun informs us that Ruth Wilson's next TV series The Prisoner will be arriving on UK TV screens "next month":

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Ruth Wilson on the radio

Ruth will be in the third of three EM Forster Short Stories on Radio 4 in April.

Thursday 8 April 3.30-3.45pm BBC RADIO 4

The final story, The Obelisk, read on Thursday by Ruth Wilson, tells of how a chance encounter leads an unhappily married couple to find solace in forbidden ways.

Though best known for 20th-century classic novels including A Passage To India, Where Angels Fear To Tread and Howard's End, EM Forster was also a prolific writer of short stories. In them he explored many of the themes central to his novels, including the morals and mores of the middle classes in the early 20th century and his fascination with the Mediterranean.

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Monday, 22 March 2010

Ruth Wilson Wins Olivier Award

Congrats to Ruth Wilson for winning Best Supporting Actress for her role in A Streetcar Named Desire at last night's Laurence Olivier Awards.

To celebrate here are some photos of Ruth looking deservedly happy avec gong.

Warning, the the full-size images are very large.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Gemma Arterton in todays Telegraph magazine

While perusing today's newspaper supplements I discovered Gemma Arterton in the Telegraph magazine. That (plus the bonus of a free DVD of Sleepy Hollow) was enough reason to buy the paper. Here's a scan of the magazine cover showing Gemma in all her lovely Gemma-ness.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Ruth Wilson 'in talks for Resistance'

There's word that Ruth Wilson is in talks to make a movie based on the WW2 novel Resistance.
LONDON -- Ruth Wilson and Ulrich Thomsen are in discussions to star in Amit Gupta's debut feature, "Resistance," based on Owen Sheers' World War II novel.

German-speaking Dane Thomsen, who turned heads with his performance in "Festen" and "The International," is being lined up to play the leader of a German patrol in the film.

"Resistance" is set in an alternative 1944 where Russia has fallen to Nazi Germany and the D-Day landings have failed. With Britain partly occupied by German forces, a group of Welsh villagers wake to discover that their husbands have mysteriously disappeared. Wilson, who earned a Golden Globe nomination for her role in TV miniseries "Jane Eyre," is lined up to play a young farmer's wife whose husband is one of the missing men.

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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Ruth Wilson's Passion For Psychology

There's a good Ruth inteview online. Here's an extract:
But my favourite encounter of the afternoon had to be with Ruth Wilson, who gave a stonking Stella in the Donmar's Streetcar this year and who is to star in Through A Glass Darkly at the Almeida in June. From the beginning of our chat, when I dropped all my papers and she bent down and picked them up for me, to her thoughtful and thought-through answers, she was a pleasure and a joy to chat with. With some interviewees, you get the sense they really don't care for your presence in their lives, however fleeting, but Wilson, whose undergraduate degree is in history, is very friendly, seems thoroughly engaged with the material she's working with and is extremely pleased to be talking about it. As I mentioned in my report, Wilson has a tendency to pick psychologically intriguing productions. She has just finished filming Luther, a BBC1 show about a psychopath where she stars alongside The Wire's Idris Elba.

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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Triangle with Melissa George

I thought I would write a few words about the last DVD I watched, Triangle. I watched it last night and it's been knocking around in my head ever since. This is probably a movie to go into without knowing anything about it so I'm going to be careful with what I write.

It's a "horror" movie, although the real horror comes out of the situation that the main character played by Melissa George finds herself in rather than any icky stuff or shock moments.

Melissa George, having a really bad day
The movie starts with a group of people going off for a trip in a sailboat. Melissa's character Jess is clearly troubled by something but can't express what it is exactly. Then a storm brews up out of nowhere and then...

Well, its best if I don't say too much.

I have to say that fairly early on I worked out what was happening, but I think the audience is supposed to. If you are in any doubt at one point the characters even stop to read something that could describe the plot and Jess's situation.

It seems to be a movie most people either love or hate. I am somewhere in between but remain impressed with the execution of it.

And the fact that it's knocking around my head the next day makes it exceptional in this era of disposable entertainment.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Ruth Wilson in Cleanskin

Ruth Wilson will be appearing a UK-made thriller called Cleanskin:
Sean Bean, Charlotte Rampling have signed up to star in terrorist thriller Cleanskin, which is currently shooting in London.

The £1.5m film, about a secret service agent (Bean) chasing a suicide bomber (Abhin Galeya) and his terrorist cell, is being directed and produced by Hadi Hajaig for his production company UK Film Studios. Ruth Wilson and James Fox are also starring in the film.

Hajaid, who directed the 2005 film Puritan with Nick Moran, also wrote the screenplay as well as raising the finances for the project through the EIF taxbreak system.

The film, which according to Hajaid has shades of Taxi Driver and French Connection, is shooting for 6 weeks in and around London.