Monday, 29 September 2008

Michelle Morgan as "Weir" in Stargate Atlantis

I've just seen the season 5 episode of Stargate Atlantis called "Ghost in the Machine" that features the return of "Doctor Weir". Only thing is Torri Higginson decided not to return to do the episode so they had to get another actress to play her role.

Now, I was a big fan of Torri. In fact I have to admit that she was the main reason I decided to watch the show.

But Michelle Morgan who plays Fran/Weir in "Ghost in the Machine" does a pretty good job emulating the mannerisms of an established character and because of her performance the whole episode worked.

They also had quite an effective ending where the main characters realise that yes, it was Weir.

I shall keep a look out for Michelle in other TV shows and movies.

Craig Thomas

I thought I would do a post about my favourite thriller author, Craig Thomas.

He's probably best known for his 1977 novel, Firefox, about a British and American plan to steal the USSR's latest high-tech aircraft. (Of course now the name "Firefox" is probably best known as the name of a web browser.) The novel was turned into a Clint Eastwood movie and was followed by a sequel called Firefox Down in 1983.

I read both of those books back in the mid-80s and quickly moved onto his other books, most of which followed the pattern of putting animals in the titles. What I really enjoyed was the combination of stylish writing, exciting action and fairly plausible plots. My favourites include Snow Falcon, The Bear's Tears, Winter Hawk and The Last Raven.

The novels tended to feature Cold War settings and shared a large cast of characters, most notably the MI6 spymaster Kenneth Aubrey, Australian-born agent Patrick Hyde and US pilot Mitchell Gant.

I've read a lot of thrillers since and as far as I am concerned very few compare to the Craig Thomas novels. The one exception that comes to mind is Gerald Seymour, my "other" favourite author!

Craig's last novel was Slipping into Shadow in 1998. i live in hope that he writes another!

My Craig Thomas web page can be found at

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Felicity Jones

So now I can get started.

Why am I doing this blog thing?

I've been running a number of web sites for the last 11 years (!) and I figure using a blog for some of the content might make things a bit easier. My website can be found at It's mostly some fansites of actresses and some of my favourite authors.

Just to get things started here's a piece of news about one of my favourite actresses, Felicity Jones. Today's Sunday Times newspaper has a nice long piece about her:

Felicity was in the ITV version of Northanger Abbey in 2007 and she has a small part in the new Brideshead Revisited movie. My Felicity fan page called FelicityFix can be found at

Finally, here's a photo of Fliss from a copy of InStyle magazine:

Better start with a test

So, here we are, my first post. This is just a test to see if I know what I'm doing.