Sunday, 28 September 2008

Felicity Jones

So now I can get started.

Why am I doing this blog thing?

I've been running a number of web sites for the last 11 years (!) and I figure using a blog for some of the content might make things a bit easier. My website can be found at It's mostly some fansites of actresses and some of my favourite authors.

Just to get things started here's a piece of news about one of my favourite actresses, Felicity Jones. Today's Sunday Times newspaper has a nice long piece about her:

Felicity was in the ITV version of Northanger Abbey in 2007 and she has a small part in the new Brideshead Revisited movie. My Felicity fan page called FelicityFix can be found at

Finally, here's a photo of Fliss from a copy of InStyle magazine: