Thursday, 30 October 2008

Julia Ormond in CSI NY

Julia Ormond has been a favourite actress of mine for many years now. In fact my "Undefinitive Page" about her was one of the first web sites I started, way back in the distant days of 1997.

That coincided with the start of a long period where she didn't seem to actually be making any movies so it took a lot of dedication to keep working on the page. Luckily lots of other dedicated fans would contribute what they would find.

I'm glad to say that lately things have been a little bit busy. Julia has had quite a few projects on the go including the Soderberg movie Che, a Spanish movie called The Escorial Conspiracy, Surveillance by Jennifer Lynch and a small part in The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button by David Fincher.

One big development lately is her role as a new detective on CSI NY and thanks to Rodolfo, one of my regular contributors, here is the first photo of Julia in the show.

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There are more photos from that episode at I understand it's a recurring or regular role.

You can see my 11 year old Julia web-page at Dedication I tell you!