Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Late August Trivia

I thought I would do an update covering all the random trivia that I don't want to cover individually.

Summer television is usually a bit rubbish as there is rarely anything new on. However the BBC broke this trend to give us the six-part Desperate Romantics which ended last night. At first I wasn't too sure if I would be interested in the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood but the show turned out to be good fun and I quite enjoyed it's irreverence.

Special mention must be made of Amy Manson who played the tragic Lizzie Siddal and Jennie Jacques who played Annie Miller. I had never seen either of those actresses before and I was completely won over by them.

It looks like the DVD will be out next month.

By the way, there are high quality promo photos at

Wuthering Heights finally crawls onto TV here after what has become the normal ITV delay. The new issue of the TV Times does the requisite swooning over Tom Hardy and proclaims the show a "staggering success".

Ruth Wilson will be back on the BBC in Small Island which I have mentioned before once or twice. I believe it will be on soon.

I went to see GI Joe in the cinema, mainly because Rachel Nichols is in it. When I got there the showing was canceled for technical reasons. I've not got around to going again. Not much of an anecdote but it give me an excuse to include a photo of Rachel as Scarlett.

A new move of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray is imminent and Penguin have put out a new edition of the novel with the movie art. I mention it because Rebecca Hall is on the cover. If you look closely you can just make her out.

Finally I have got to mention the Star Trek DVD on the German Amazon site. It comes in a box shaped as the USS Enterprise! You open up the saucer section to get at the disks! How cool is that!