Tuesday, 29 September 2009

FlashForward episode 1

FlashForward arrived on channel five last night accompanied with a lot of hype. What a relief that it turned out to be actually quite good. I won't dwell on the set-up for too long. Basically everyone on the planet blacks out and has a vision of what they will be doing on 29 April 2010. When they wake up they discover the planet is a disaster zone because, well, everyone blacked out.

I have to say that the nearly post-apocalyptic aftermath of the blackouts was well presented.

The show gets to ask the continually interesting time travel question: If you know what's going to happen can you change things, or does your foreknowledge actually make it happen.

Lots of British cast members are in this show. I counted Joseph Feinnes, Jack Davonport and Alex Kingston. Dominic Monaghan is supposed to be in the show later. And special mention for Sonja Wagler. She's not British but played Penny in Lost, who was British.


(Actually I got great enjoyment from saying "Penny!" every time she was on screen. I tried to say it in a Desmond accent but was largely unsuccessful. She was also in the Terminator TV show but sadly got killed off. It's nice to see Sonja get a new show.)

Oh, the new Mr Sulu is in this also.

One question that wasn't answered was why did the visions of the future not have people going, "huh, deja vu."

Oh, and at least one person did not black out! I bet it was Dominic Monaghan!

So until the remake of V comes along this will do nicely.