Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Ruth Wilson's Small Island NI Shoot

I found an article today about the filming of Small Island earlier this year in Belfast and Dublin. I had been wondering what locations they were using and this article answers the question.

With varied locations, shooting facilities and crew, the Northern Ireland shoot was a pleasure for the producer: “We were amazed at how fortunate we were in that we found pretty much all the locations we needed in Belfast. One of my favourite locations was a street at the back of the main shopping centre which we turned into an old-London street. It looked amazing in the fog, very atmospheric.

The only problem encountered was in recreating Georgian London houses as the red brick used in Belfast didn’t really suit the brief. Therefore, the crew moved shop to Dublin for three days to capture the look of elegant Georgian London. “It was tricky to find a street that would look like war-torn Georgian London,” says Vicky, “but then we found Great Queen Street in Dublin.” The interiors needed were created in Belfast’s studio the Paint Hall.

The article goes on to report that the BBC is expected to broadcast Small Island in December.

Source: http://www.iftn.ie/broadcast/?act1=record&only=1&aid=73&rid=4282665&tpl=archnews&force=1