Sunday, 7 March 2010

Ruth Wilson's Passion For Psychology

There's a good Ruth inteview online. Here's an extract:
But my favourite encounter of the afternoon had to be with Ruth Wilson, who gave a stonking Stella in the Donmar's Streetcar this year and who is to star in Through A Glass Darkly at the Almeida in June. From the beginning of our chat, when I dropped all my papers and she bent down and picked them up for me, to her thoughtful and thought-through answers, she was a pleasure and a joy to chat with. With some interviewees, you get the sense they really don't care for your presence in their lives, however fleeting, but Wilson, whose undergraduate degree is in history, is very friendly, seems thoroughly engaged with the material she's working with and is extremely pleased to be talking about it. As I mentioned in my report, Wilson has a tendency to pick psychologically intriguing productions. She has just finished filming Luther, a BBC1 show about a psychopath where she stars alongside The Wire's Idris Elba.

You can read the whole article at: