Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Laura Vandervoort in V musings

V has been put back in my mind thanks to SciFi Now Magazine who have put Laura Vandervoort on the cover of the latest issue.

I was surprised to read that the show has got a second season. I don't mean surprised as in it was a rubbish show, I mean surprised as in it's not bad but I thought everything got canceled nowadays.

Anyway it prompted me to watch the last four episodes of the twelve episode season. And they weren't bad. In fact they were pretty good. It's interesting to see how Laura's character Lisa becomes more important as the story progresses. In the last bunch of episodes she has a lot of screen time. It's also interesting to see her start to rebel against her mother Anna.

The show does suffer from some logic lapses, e.g. various humans seem able to walk around the mother-ship with ease, and why can't the lizards with their surveillance technology not find out that Chad Decker's Fifth Column "source" is the priest.

But then I recall how the human resistance in the old show were able to infiltrate the mother-ship at will and not get caught or escape easily.

Anyhow, I will be watching out for the second season when it arrives. Season 1 I believe is coming to Virgin 1 in the UK this month.

Also SciFi Now promise an interview with Jane Badler in the next issue, i.e. Diana from original V. I'll be buying that issue!