Sunday, 9 May 2010

Doctor Who "The Vampires of Venice"

In this week's installment we get exactly what it says on the tin, i.e. vampires in Venice. Sort of. It turns out they are alien fish people that are disguising themselves as humans.

I'm a bit in two minds about the episode. It was fairly enjoyable but I didn't feel much a threat from the fish people. I was also a little disappointed that the vampires didn't turn out to be, well, vampires. I had assumed the episode would be about a humanoid alien race with big teeth that were responsible for vampire legends. Oh well.

We did get a reason for why vampires cant be seen in mirrors. It's because their "perception filters" don't work on reflections. So now you know.

Good comic timing from Matt Smith, nice vampire ladies slinking around and a new companion Rory (Amy's fiancee) added to the mix for bickering possibilities are all positives.

My favourite moment in the episode was probably when the Doctor holds up what he thinks is his psychic paper to someone. It turns out to be his library card, complete with photo of William Hartnell!