Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Luther Episode 3

Episode 3 and I'm really enjoying this show now. I do find myself looking forward to each new episode. This is largely due to Ruth Wilson's performance as Alice Morgan. I don't think you could find a role farther away from her Jane Eyre.

However be warned that this weeks episode contains some disturbing imagery. The lead bad guy is sick and twisted beyond what I've normally seen in UK cop shows. He's an occultist who has a thing about abducting young mothers and writing in their blood. Told you it was disturbing.

Very early in the episode the boyfriend of Luther's ex-wife is attacked by some girl hoodies. He suspects Luther was behind it but of course it is Alice Morgan who arranged it. She's enjoying pulling strings.

Luther is obviously trying to keep his mind on catching the mad occult guy and at one point goes to Alice to get an "insight" on what he should do. It's a scene obviously and deliberately reminiscent of Silence of the Lambs but rather than take place in an over-stylised movie dungeon it happen in a modern university computer lab. Alice advises Luther to "change the game". And he does.

At the end of the episode Luther and his ex hook up for some passionate smooching in an apartment with no curtains. Predictably Alice is watching from another building and I suspect she's not too happy.

It looks like things start to kick off next week.