Monday, 30 August 2010

Imogen Poots in Centurion

It's been a while since I updated the blog thing so I'll try to do some updates.

I rented Centurion a week or two ago on DVD. While not an amazing movie I thought it was not bad at all and I can see myself eventually buying it in the future. The movie tells the story of a handful of Roman soldiers who survived a massacre at the hands of Picts led by Olga Kurylenko (of Quantum of solace).

Imogen Poots popped up in the second half of the movie as an outcast Pict lady who helps the Romans. I was quite impressed by her and will be watching out for her future projects.

As an interesting aside the main Roman character was played by Michael Fassbender who is playing Rochester in the upcoming movie of Jane Eyre. Imogen Poots is playing Blanche Ingram in the same movie.

Imogen also appeared in 28 Weeks Later and the new TV remake of A Bouquet of Barbed Wire. She's also being connected to the new Spider-Man movie.

Here's an article from the Daily Mail website about her: