Wednesday, 4 August 2010

That nice Zoe Telford

So I was watching episode 2 of Sherlock last Sunday, the first episode of which I had enjoyed very much.

The second episode is ok, I thought, but it's no episode 1. However the nice lady doctor that Tim from The Office trys to get off with, played by Zoe Telford, did catch my eye.

I had to go and do the ususal hunt on the IMDB after the episode to see what else she has been in. It's a wonder I've don't remember seeing her in anything because she's been in Ashes to Ashes, Foyle's War, Collision, Law and Order UK, Afterlife, Teachers, The Palace and Criminal Justice to name just a few of her TV credits.

She was also in a thing called The Last Train that was on back in 1999. I remember watching that but I'm not sure I remember her character.

Oh, and she played Eva Braun opposite Robert Carlyle's Hitler!