Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Daily Mail Lara Pulver Sherlock Nudity Hypocrisy Shock!

You just gotta love the Dail Mail and it's ongoing obsession of looking for something to be annoyed or offended by the BBC. Today's paper included the shocking news that Lara Pulver was NUDE before the WATERSHED on Sunday night in the BBC's Sherlock.

And just to underline the SHOCKING NUDITY SHOCK what do they do?

They print two photos of Lara Pulver NAKED. Solely in the interests of journalistic integrity, you understand.

If readers want to be shocked then they can choose to follow the link below. Please note that the shocking nudity referenced above does not actually contain any NAUGHTY BITS.


But why did they not run the story in Monday's edition? They must have been too shocked, perhaps.

It's a wonder they are not calling it Adlergate or something.