Monday, 2 January 2012

Sherlock 2.1 review

The long awaited Sherlock series 2 has finally arrived. I do feel like just saying, 'yes it's very good , watch it'. But I shall attempt a little more detail.

The episode picks up with the cliffhanger ending from the last series. You know, Jim Morarity and the swimming pool? Well I had forgotten it ended like that. I don't think the show really needs a cliffhanger ending.

The new episode mainly concerns itself with introducing Lara Pulver's rather naughty version of 'the Woman', Irene Adler. She is in possession of a camera phone that contains lots of secrets that various intelligence agencies and terrorists would be willing to kill over. Sherlock takes on the job of getting his hands on the phone, supposedly to protect the reputation of the royal family.

However for once it looks like Sherlock has met his match. Irene Adler turns out to be a resourceful adversary who gets the upper (whip) hand, at one point  drugging Sherlock to get her phone back.

The show continues to employ some wonderful visual flourishes to illustrate Sherlock's observations, wether it be someone coming into contact with 'three small dogs' or Watson having a 'new girlfriend'. However with Adler he is confused to find he can't read her at all, and we are presented with '??????'.

There's an excellent sequence that has Sherlock and Adler at the scene of another crime he was investigating, while in her living room, as the drugged Sherlock falls into bed. Yes, you really had to see it.

There's also a running gag about a personalised ring tone that Adler puts on Sherlock's phone that causes some amusement but also alerts us to his presence at unexpected moments.

Overall it's a very enjoyable opener to the new series.