Thursday, 9 July 2009

Agnes Kittelsen in Max Manus

I've been getting a lot of DVDs watched lately. The other night I watched a Norwegian WW2 movie called Max Manus Man of War. it's based on the real-life exploits of member of the Norwegian resistance. The makers are obviously proud of the story and have lavished lots of care and attention on the movie.

There's one little moment that I loved in the middle of the movie. Some resistance guys are on a hill above the harbour waiting to see if a ship explodes on schedule. They get distracted by a couple of nice ladies walking past while in the distance the ship explodes, the sound of which takes a second or two to arrive. Lovely little detail.

Anyway I was quite taken by Agnes Kittlesen who plays 'Tikken', a contact in the British consulate in Sweden. It was only later that I realised there's a Ruth Wilson thing going on. Well, maybe it's just me.

In any case I'll be keeping my eyes on Norwegian cinema from now on!