Thursday, 23 July 2009

The Big Interview: Ruth Wilson

The Official London Theater Guide has a (literally) big interview with Ruth Wilson. It's dated 22 Jul 2009. Here's a snippet:

It is an odd sensation, chatting to Ruth Wilson; part admiration, part jealousy, part self-loathing and part-dumbfoundedness, writes Matthew Amer.

Every other sentence the actress, who leapt to fame in the BBC adaptation of Jane Eyre and is currently playing Stella in the Donmar Warehouse production of A Streetcar Named Desire, reels out a story, an anecdote or an idea that she has somehow managed to cram into a life so packed it makes a tin of sardines look as spacious as Wembley Stadium three hours after the end of a Take That concert.

Whether it be freeing leopards or quadbiking in Namibia, chatting with Wilson makes me feel slightly inadequate at every turn. If she had the merest hint of complacency or a self-congratulatory air about her, I could revel in disliking this charmed existence. But she hasn’t. She is, of course, a delight, and slightly confused as to why each successive story brings a wide grin to my face or draws a laugh.

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