Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Clive Cussler reissues

I read a few Clive Cussler novels back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Lately I've 'rediscovered' the books and I intend to catch up with the many that I haven't read.

Sphere books in the UK are gradually reissuing their back catalog of his earlier books to match the cover art that the other publishers of his books are using. They are even using the Larry Rostant, the same cover artist that HarperCollins and Penguin use for their Cussler books.

Anyway, here are the next two covers for Deep Six and Cyclops from http://www.littlebrown.co.uk/About/Imprints/Sphere

Cussler's books tend to be a bit far-fetched. The Dirk Pitt character is a James Bond style agent who has maritime expertise. I do like the inclusion of an historical mystery that usually gets the story started.
In any event I'm quite partial for any thriller that manages to put a space shuttle on the cover so I'm sure I'll be picking up a copy of Cyclops!

Just for comparison here's the HarperCollins cover for Treasure.

Here's the link to Larry Rostant's website: http://www.rostant.com/
If you've bough a novel in the UK recently the chances are he did the cover art.
As a side note it interesting that Sphere books has made a comeback as an imprint. I bought a lot of their thrillers in the late 1980s so I noticed when they transformed into Warner Books in the early 1990s. Later they changed again and became Time Warner Paperbacks.