Friday, 14 November 2008

Terminator The Sarah Connor Cronicles Episode 2.4

An interesting, if somewhat subdued, episode.

Lots of Cameron in this one. Yay!

Cameron looses her memory in a supermarket and seems to be having flashbacks to the past/future where she's a human and has been captured by the machines. She is being asked questions from an unseen interrogator and says her name is Alison Young.

In the present Cameron hooks up with another girl and uses the Alison back story which she seems to believe is true.

Of course it turns out that Cameron was doing the interrogating in the future and was created as a replica of Alison to infiltrate John Conner's resistance base. Interesting she claimed to be from a faction of machines that wanted peace. (But then she said that just before she snapped Alison's neck so I guess that's unlikely.)

Summer Glau does her usual great job with both parts.

In the future Cameron's base was on board an old aircraft carrier and contained other human prisoners plus some animals like a tiger and a bear. Why, I wonder...

On the minus side this episode had no Cromartie!

Agent Ellison is thinking about his job offer and checks up on Catherine Weaver.

Finally Lena Headey has a subplot where she bonds with her pregnant neighbour. Where is that storyline going?