Saturday, 29 November 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Episode 2.6

I will call this episode "the one with the child therapist".

Quite a good little episode with a lot going on.

Sarah and the gang work out that the resistance fighter from the future was trying to tell them about a therapist that Skynet was interested in. But do they need protect him or stop him?

Sarah, John and Cameron pose as a family that wants some therapy so they can bug his office. To Sarah's surprise John wants to go back for an individual appointment. The therapist tells John that he is exhibiting the behaviour of a war veteran. John tries to tell the therapist that he had to kill a man (in episode 2.1) but changes his mind.

Shirley Manson gets a big chunk of screen time as Catherine Weaver in this episode. It transpires that the T-1000 has taken Weaver's place and is using her company to further the research into the Turk computer from season 1. Weaver's small child is terrified of her "mother" but is too young to express it. (Frankly Shirley Manson scared the cr*p out of me!) Weaver hears that the therapist can "fix" the child and takes her to see him.

Derek recognises a girl and follows her to a hotel. Its one of his resistance soldiers who claims to have gone AWOL and run away to hide in the "past". Later we see surveillance photos of the gang under her bed so she must be telling fibs. (I think the actress played Kendra Shaw in the "Razor" episode of Battlestar Galactica.)

A scary lady terminator arrives from the future and goes to the therapist's office just as Cameron enters. They both realise what the other is at the same time and fight with some darkly comic consequences. Cameron is victorious but the gang don't know if the lady terminator was there to kill or protect the therapist.

The Turk is exhibiting some unusual behaviour and Weaver asks the therapist to take a look at it. He realises the computer is telling a joke: "Why is a math book so sad? Because its full of problems." Weaver asks him to help her as a consultant.

A Lena Headey gets a chance to emote as she listens to John's bugged session with the therapist.

One amusing moment comes as the therapist tells Sarah that he thinks her "daughter" might have Ashbergers Syndrome.

good solid episode that moves the plot along, gives an excuse for Summer Glau to have a girl fight and explore what the never ending war is doing to john's head.