Friday, 7 November 2008

Terminator Episode 2.3

Again, beware of spoilers.

Quite a good episode this week.

Charlie and Mrs Charlie are on the road. He's fulling the car with gas in a desert location outside LA. While he is distracted someone else gets in the car and drives off. It's Cromartie! and he's taken Mrs Charlie prisoner. (The actress playing Mrs Charlie still looks like Linda Hamilton this week.)

Charlie contacts Sarah. She and Derek go to help without telling John. They track down Mrs Charlie who it appears has been wired to explode. But its a trick. Cromartie has tapped into a nearby cell tower and is listening to the phone calls. He blows up the cell tower, disables their car and calls John using Sarah's voice and arranges to meet him at the pier.

Sarah and the others have to make their way back on foot. To make matters worse Mrs Charlie is injured.

Meanwhile John is hanging out with his gal and tries to ditch Cameron. Bad move because Cromartie is on his way. John only survives because he jumps off the pier and terminator's can't swim. Cromartie's eyes glow red as he sinks into the dark.

Sarah picks up John in a stolen cell-phone repair van. John notices there is blood in the back. We learn that Mrs Charlie is dead.

Later at the funeral Cromartie scans the crowd looking for John.

In other developments Shirley Mansion offers Ellison a job.

In an amusing subplot the actor Laslo (that Cromartie killed) is seen on TV in an awful Conan-style movie.

Lena Headey gets lots of action and angst in this episode. However there is too little of Summer Glau. Boo! But what little we see of Cameron is good.