Saturday, 3 April 2010

Doctor Who, The Eleventh Hour

In case it escaped your attention Doctor Who started tonight on the BBC with Matt Smith as the new Doctor and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond. I have been looking forward to the new series mainly because Steven Moffat has taken over producing the show and tonight's episode, the one-hour long The Eleventh Hour, did not disappoint.

I won't regurgitate the story here, other than to say that Steven Moffat has, as usual, constructed a perfect little plot. Just as one would expect from the writer of Blink from season three (The Weeping Angels!) and the Library two-parter (The Data Ghost! River Song! The Vashta Nerada!) from season four.

For many people David Tennant was the definitive doctor but I think Matt Smith will do just fine. For example the opening "apple craving" scene could have just turned out self-indulgent and annoying but he made it work. "You're Scottish, fry me something!" (which I note is alreadying being quoted online.)

Karen Gillan was great as Amelia/Amy Pond. You did get the sense that encountering the "raggedy Doctor" who told her he would be back in five minutes really messed up her life. I suspect we may find out exactly how in future episodes. I have little doubt that she will turn out to be my favourite companion.

Also a nice little touch near the end when the ten previous Doctors are seen in the alien "eyeball".

The rest of the season looks great with the return of the Weeping Angels, River Song, Cybermen and Daleks in World War Two.

Finally here are cover scans of the current issues of the Radio Times and Doctor Who Magazine. Oddly enough it seems I chose to buy the cover of DWM featuring Karen.

Funny that...