Sunday, 4 April 2010

Observer Cemetery Junction actors article

An article in today's Observer by Stephen Merchant describes the young actors of Cemetery Junction. Here's the bit about Felicity Jones:
A lot of young actors are inexperienced, which means they lack confidence. Felicity Jones has been acting since she was nine and has done lots of film work, which means she is comfortable on camera and doesn't need a lot of hand-holding and mollycoddling, a great asset when you're working fast. Her character, Julie, has heard about women's lib and 60s permissiveness but is totally unaware that she is a caged bird, unwittingly controlled by a fiancé and a father who've mapped out her future as a good little wife. On screen, Felicity has a luminance that is hugely appealing, but also a retro quality that puts you in mind of the Julie Christies and Rita Tushinghams of yesteryear. That quality was hard to find because most young actresses seem very modern and knowing. Felicity can project a more old- fashioned mix of intelligence and innocence, and you can believe she's a smart woman blind to the realities around her.