Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Trailer and presskit for Ruth Wilson's Luther

The BBC Press Office website has posted some material on the upcoming six-part crime series Luther staring Idris Elba. Also appearing is Ruth Wilson as Alice Morgan, who is described as "beautiful, extraordinarily intelligent and a key witness in Luther's first investigation."

Here are some Ruth quotes from the presskit on her role:

"What intrigued me about the script was the writing, which was fantastic, and the characters within it – you don't get many female roles which are evil in that sense. I was really intrigued by it, and thought it was a wonderful piece that you could have a lot of fun with."

"I try all the time to do something that's going to take me somewhere else as an actress. The parts I played, both Jane Eyre and Queenie in Small Island, there’s always an emotional drive throughout the story with those characters.

"It's been quite weird for me to play, because I'm so used to being emotionally driven by being in love with someone, or loss of something, or frightened by someone – suddenly she is this all powerful woman who doesn’t have those feelings."

You can read all of ruth's comments in the Luther presskit.

Plus you can get a glimpse of what promises to be a very different role for Ruth by watching the Luther trailer.