Sunday, 18 April 2010

Doctor Who "Victory of the Daleks"

So in the latest instalment the Doctor and Amy arrive in 1940s London and encounter secret weapons that look suspiciously like Daleks...

I'm in two minds about last night's episode. I like bits of it but feel oddly underwhelmed by the whole thing and wonder if I should have liked it more.

There are a lot of nice touches in the episode, mainly about retro-fitting Daleks to the world of World War 2. For example there's a little Dalek model on the map table and a WW2-style Dalek "To Victory" propaganda poster (avaiable as a dowlnoad from

There's another classic line: "Would you care for some tea?" Well, it's classic when spoken by a Dalek.

There's also Amy Pond's unfeasibly short skirt, but I digress.

Of course the audience and the Doctor know that Daleks can't be trusted and it's not long before we discover their true plan, which is basically to get the Doctor to say that they are Daleks so they can play the recording to new Daleks. Or something. I kind of missed the point regarding that.

Oh yes, we get new Daleks, bigger and brighter like the ones from the Peter Cushing movies.

And it's also got Churchill. And Bill Paterson as an android. And Spitfires in space. Really.

Ah, maybe it will grow on me with repeated viewings.

Next week, the Weeping Angels are back!