Thursday, 18 December 2008

Kelly Sotherton article in the Times

There's a good article about Kelly Sotherton in today's Times newspaper. It suggests that she's keeping an eye on competing in the 2012 Olympics:

Sotherton, 32, had suggested that she would retire from the heptathlon after the World Championships, but has moved the goalposts. “I knew Beijing was my opportunity, but people say it was my last one and I don’t believe that,” she said. “If I’m smart I can still be a contender in London, maybe not for gold but certainly for a medal. I know that in Beijing I could not give it everything I could have. I missed 16 weeks. Half that time off and I’d have challenged for gold.”

Kelly Sotherton will next be competing at the Aviva International at Kelvin Hall, Glasgow, on January 31 and the Aviva Grand Prix at the NIA, Birmingham, on February 21.