Saturday, 13 December 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.8

Or "What we did on our vacation in Mexico".

A very strong episode this week, partly because of the novelty of the "multiple viewpoint" story structure, partly because the Cromartie storyline has come to a head.

John and his gal take off for Mexico without telling anyone. Just as well they did because Cromartie turns up at house looking for John. He found out the gang was there from the guy in the bowling alley last week.

John is showing his gal a place where he grew up. A photographer takes their photo an wants to sell them a picture, perhaps in a nod to the ending of the original movie. he also recognises "John Connor". John gets into a shuffle with the man and the cops turn up. They put his name in the system and Cromartie is alerted. he drives to Mexico with Sarah in the trunk of the car.

There is a big gun battle with Cromartie shooting lots of cops. initially we only hear the gun battle from Sarah's viewpoint in the trunk of the car. but this is not a budget saving exercise. later we see Cromartie in action.

Derek, Cameron and agent Ellison also turn up. Ellison wants to help and leads Cromartie into a church where Cromartie is ambushed. The effects work of Cromartie's damaged head is outstanding for a TV show.

They bury the body and promise to come back and destroy it. Sarah takes Cromartie's chip and smashes it. Lena does a good job of showing Sarah trying to exorcise her anger and fear.

So is Cromartie gone for good?