Saturday, 20 December 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.9

This will be my last review for a while because Virgin 1 are not showing the next episode until February 2009.

I will call this episode The One With Toby From The West Wing.

Another strong episode following on from last week. Sarah throws up (from radiation sickness?) and stays at home to recover while John and Cameron go to dig up and destroy Cromartie's body. They discover that the body is gone. Ellison was the only one who knew so they go to talk to him/beat it out of him. Ellison convinces John that he doesn't know what happened the body and John believes him.

Sarah has disturbing fever dreams of baby turtles and goes to talk to the therapist guy from a few episodes ago. A pattern of three dots keeps coming up and she wonders what it means.

The main storyline concerns Derek and his lady friend who has captured "Toby" from The West Wing. She is convinced that he is a collaborator from the future who tortured Derek for the benefit of the machines. Derek has no memory of this but is convinced after she also captures the younger version of "Toby" from the present. She assassinates older "Toby".

There's some lovely time travel twisty stuff going on here. Derek has no memory of being tortured and suggests that maybe her version of Derek was tortured in another timeline that formed after "our" Derek changed something in the present/past.

Also the younger "Toby" goes into work and gets arrested by the FBI. His biometrics (fingerprints) were logged in and when the computers at work were hacked into. He realises it was the future "Toby" and obviously they don't believe his story. He ends up being locked up for something his future self has done. And it was being stuck in prison that let the machines get him... Bummer.

Ellison meets Weaver and shows her Cromartie's body in the trunk of his car. (What?!! Ellison DID take the body!!!) He says they need to know how the machines work. (Will Weaver fix Cromartie?!!)

Sara realises the three dots were written on the wall of the basement in the blood of the future resistance fighter. But what do they mean?

I'll have to wait until February to find out. I must say I am really enjoying this show.