Saturday, 6 December 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles 2.7

Right, this episode is "the one with the bowling alley".

There is another creepy opening sequence. This show is good at those! This time Ellison answers his door to see... Himself! A duplicate terminator Ellison is about to kill him when Cromartie shows up and destroys the duplicate. He is still convinced that Ellison will lead him to the Connors.

Later Ellison gets arrested for a man's murder. It transpires that the duplicate appeared and killed a man for his clothes and was witnessed. The way it is described makes me think that a sequence was at least written and perhaps filmed but then cut from the episode.

The Conner gang's house gets broken into. Not only have the diamonds been taken but the id papers are gone as well. This is Not Good. The gang goes to Derek's fence and leaves John to clean up.

Cromartie gets a lead on Cameron (from when she lost her memory) and goes to the half-way house. The bad girl that hung out with Cameron says she will help Cromartie look for her to get some payback. They just miss John and his gal at the supermarket. Later Cromartie ditches the whiny bad girl and makes it to the "Baum" house. John's gal convinces Cromartie that she lives there.

The gang eventually find the burglars and get their stuff back. Cameron shoots them dead in a bowling alley. Sarah is shocked but does not protest. She finds the fourth burglar hading and makes the mistake of letting them go free. later we see Cromartie having a "chat" with the fourth burglar.

Derek's future gal kills the fence. Why?

Weaver impersonates a cop to get the witness to make a statement that includes a description of the time travel "bubble" materialising and this is enough to get Ellison released.

Another entertaining episode. I am enjoying this show a damn sight more than Heroes right now.