Saturday, 7 March 2009

Terminator: TSCC Episode 2.14

Sarah wakes up in hospital with a gunshot wound from the last episode. Kyle Reese turns up in her head speaking lines of dialog from the first movie. "On your feet, soldier!" There's a cop outside the door so she has to knock him out to escape. She kidnaps a lady doctor to fix her leg. In a motel she tells lady doctor about how a man hurt her and about her son John.

Riley is in hospital because she tried to kill herself. I guess it's a different hospital because John doesn't visit his mom. "Kendra" takes Riley away and tells her off, but without slapping her this time.

Derek has a mission to destroy any evidence from Sarah's most recent mission. He burns her jeep which is at a police station. One of the cops is Trip from Enterprise. Coincidentally he's an abusive boyfriend of the lady doctor.

The Cromartie storyline seems to be going somewhere. Cromartie is playing with toy figures and asks Ellison why God didn't use ball-and-socket joints for human limbs. He calmly recounts the history of his body, listing the many victims such as the plastic surgeon and the FBI agents.

Later Cromartie tells Weaver that he knows she is not human and also how he has been tracking production of Coltan, the alloy used in constructing the machines. He intercepted a call to destroy evidence in the warehouse that Sarah found. Weaver sets off and chillingly assassinates all the human workers in the warehouse.

The doctor patches Sarah up and shoots her former boyfriend in a standoff. Sarah and Derek head off to the warehouse only to see it in flames.