Tuesday, 24 March 2009

V is for Vandervoort

An interesting little piece of news landed in my inbox this morning. According to http://www.visitorsite.net/ there is to be a new version of 1980s sci-fi series "V". That got me excited to start with, but then I read that Laura Vandervoort is to appear in it.

Now for those of you who don't know Laura played Superman's cousin Kara (aka Supergirl) in season 7 of Smallville. I have to admit that the Nordic blond look is just not my type at all (as you will know from posts about my favourite actresses) yet somehow I got totally captivated by her.

If an episode had no significant Laura/Kara presence I would feal a lingering disappointment for the rest of the evening. Sadly the creators of the show dropped her as a regular character after season 7, although she did make a return guest appearance for one episode in season 8.

I still maintain that a spin-off show about Kara would work. Market research please take note! Just make sure that Laura returns...

Where was I...

Oh, yes, "V". So now I am well pleased with the news of her appearing in "V". As yet I don't know yet if it is a remake or a "next generation" deal. Watch this space.

The old show started off as a mini-series examining if a fascist state could arise in modern-day America, only through the allegorical conceit of lizard people who wanted to steal our water and eat us.

A second mini-series was more action orientated and dispensed with a lot of the gravitas of the original, although it did give us Michael Ironside as mercenary Ham Tyler.

Then a weekly series started. Frankly it wasn't as good, but in the 1980s I didn't care. It had Jane Badler as Visitor lizard lady Diana on my TV. Every week. I had a lot of time for Jane Badler

Maybe she'll come back as a guest lizard...