Saturday, 14 March 2009

Terminator: TSSC Episode 2.15

This episode had a weird Alice in Wonderland feel, at least for me.

Sarah and the gang go to investigate the people who Weaver killed in the mysterious warehouse. There is a memorial service for the victims. Also there is a investigator man working for Weaver. He is looking for someone.

Sarah talks to the wife of the man she shot. But she does not seem to know what went on in the warehouse. The parent company has paid for flowers but sent no representatives.

John befriends a gal whose father died in the warehouse. Later the gang realise that the girl and her mother are acting strangely and they work out that her father is not actually dead.

Sara finds a secret monitoring room under a house. All the families who had someone working at the warehouse are being monitored. Derek says this is how Skynet worked/will work in the future. They find footage of the man Sarah killed and the missing father assassinating a family and disposing of the bodies.

At the end of the episode they find the body of the investigator man. A "three dot" drone appears, hovers and then flies off. It lands in the back of a truck driven by the missing father/assassin.