Saturday, 21 March 2009

Victoria Pendleton in the Times

There's a good article about my favourite Olympic gold medal winning cyclist, Victoria Pendleton, in today's Times.

It would appear that the work involved to win a gold medal is no fun at all:

"What I look forward to most is a life where I don’t feel guilty about what I am eating, I don’t choose meals for their carbohydrate and protein content and constantly check the clock worrying that I need to eat something. I want to watch a late programme on television without worrying whether I have had enough sleep and go shopping for new shoes without worrying about getting tired. At the moment I live in a state of constant guilt. I want a life without guilt."

And apparently she is "the cover girl for a forthcoming issue of FHM".


Sorry, drifted off there for a moment. I might have to buy that issue...

Here's the link to the article: