Sunday, 29 March 2009

Terminator: TSSC Episode 2.17

Episode 17 already? There can't be many left!

OK, we are back on track with this episode after the oddness of going down the rabbit hole in the "memorial" episode and the "sleep clinic" interlude. This is a strong episode that relies on some character-driven suspense.

The episode opens with Cameron finding a bird in the living room. "What am I going to do with you?" she wonders. She takes the bird outside but her hand malfunctions and crushes it.

Cameron and John work on her arm using spare parts from other endoskeletons.

Sarah wants to get to the bottom of the Riley suicide attempt and visits the foster dad. He mentions her ranting about the world burning and bleached skulls. He suggests that Sarah's gang are not a good influence on Riley. He also mentions talking to a 'guidance counselor'. I bet that was 'Kendra', I thought.

It was indeed. Sarah meets the fake guidance counselor and discusses the Riley situation. 'Kendra' insinuates that uncle Derek was doing bad things in order to get him to leave Sarah's gang.

Back at the house Sarah and John are confronting Riley when a real child services person turns up. Riley goes to hide in the garage. While John displays knowledge of gun permits Cameron enters the garage. "What am I going to do with you?" she wonders. =gulp= "You're John's sister," pleads a worried Riley. We all know better. John enters and gets Riley out before Cameron does anything nasty.

John asks if there is anything Riley wants to tell him because today is the day. She asks him the same thing. They both say no and they part.

Riley goes back to 'Kendra'. She accuses 'Kendra' of wanting her to be killed by Cameron. Eventually they fight. And what a fight scene! Riley gets the upper hand before 'Kendra' shoots her. Riley dies.

You know, I didn't like Riley much to start with but by the end she became one of the most interesting characters. It was never going to end well for her, poor thing!

Cameron tells John that she will eventually malfunction and become unreliable and she gives him a self destruct device to blow up her chip when the time comes. Summer Glau does a good job showing Cameron's increasing erratic nature.

All in all a strong episode with good character moments.