Saturday, 21 February 2009

New Cussler novel by Justin Scott

I made a nice discovery on Amazon UK last night. Justin Scott, one of my favourite authors, is co-writing a new novel with Clive Cussler called The Wrecker. It's due out later this year but there are no details yet.

It was during the 1990s that I started reading novels by Scott. Among my favourites were A Pride of Kings (A Pride of Royals in the US) set in revolutionary Russia, The Man Who Loved the Normandie (Normandie Triangle in the US) set in New York during the early years of WW2 and The Empty Eye of the Sea, a modern day sea adventure that only seems to have been published in the UK. Scott went on to write some entertaining mysteries set in New England.

Then in 1998 I read a book called Fire and Ice by an author called Paul Garrison. The characters and situations reminded me strongly of characters from a Justin Scott novel called The Shipkiller. It turned out to be Justin Scott writing under a pen-name.

His website can be found at

If I find a "blurb" or cover image for The Wrecker I will post it here.