Saturday, 28 February 2009

Terminator: TSCC Episode 2.13

The main storyline this week involves Sarah going to a UFO convention to pick up any hints of terminator technology. She hears about a mysterious guy who put photos of some advanced drone aircraft (that kind of have a "three dot" design) on a blog and then stopped posting.

A woman with a deep manly voice offers to tell Sarah more about the photos. They go to the mobile home that the woman with the deep manly voice lives in. It turns out that the woman with the deep manly voice is actually a man in disguise and now living off the grid. He worked on the drones for a company but as he was driven there in a van with blacked-out windows he doesn't know where it is.

Sarah takes the man (disguised as a woman with a deep manly voice) to a hypnotherapist to remember what he can about the journey in the van. Sarah records the session using a cell phone. Suddenly there are gunshots. The man and the therapist have both been assassinated. But Sarah has enough information on tape to lead her to a warehouse outside of town.

Inside is a guy who claims no knowledge of what goes on on the warehouse. He says he just rents it out. But when Sarah lowers her gun he produces one and wounds her. In the struggle the man gets killed. Sarah crawls outside and sees a "three dot" drone hovering.

This episode also contains a flashback where Riley and "Kendra" travel back from the future to the present on their mission to stop John depending too much on Cameron. (Why do I think there's more to it than that?) When Riley wants out "Kendra" slaps her and tells her to suck it up.

Ellison plays chess with "John Henry" (Cromartie). He doesn't seem convinced that the machine is benign. Very wise I think...