Saturday, 21 February 2009

Terminator: TSSC Episode 2.12

Three stories for the price of one this week. In the "present" Sarah sends Derek to meet up with a gal who's (soon to be deceased) pregnant mother is injured. Terminators were after the family. Derek remembers the gal in a bio-hazard suit in the future.

"6 months ago" Sarah and Cameron meet the family for the first time. A terminator has targeted the family and they don't know why. At first they think it's because the father has some shady dealings with a firm connected with cybernetics technology. Later Sarah discovers that the wife is pregnant and the machine wants to stop the child from being born.

In the "future" Derek meets "Kendra Shaw" for the first time. (That's the name of the character the actress played in BSG so I'm sticking with it here!) We discover that she arrived on a nuclear sub that the humans use to travel between Perth and LA. The sub uses a "metal" captain.

Derek and "Kendra" are looking for the sole survivor from a terminator bio-warfare attack. One girl called Sydney survived because of a natural immunity. This lets the humans develop an antidote to the bio agent.

It turns out that Sydney is the newborn sister of the woman he's protecting in the present.

In the future "Kendra" also relates the happy story of how bunnies were accidentally introduced to Australia and many attempts were made to wipe them out including using a deadly bunny virus. The bunnies lived on which is perhaps a good omen for humans in the future!

In the present Derek tells the gal and her new baby sister Sydney that they can join the gang, however the gal takes off while he phones Sarah with an update.