Friday, 13 February 2009

Lost in Austen on the big screen

Last year ITV broadcast a very enjoyable four part series called Lost in Austen where a modern-day fan of Pride and Prejudice swapped places with Elizabeth Bennett. The first episode was fun enough and was followed by a second that was surprisingly good. I found myself quite looking forward to each subsequent episode.

Now I read with interest that Sony is to make a version for the big screen. There are few details announced so far. You can read what news there is here:

Jemima Rooper starred in the TV version. Will she return as Amanda Price?

Gemma Arterton, who would go on to appear in Quantum of Solace and Tess of the d'Urbervilles, played Elizabeth Bennett in the first and last episodes. If there is any justice she should return.

And here's an excuse to mention Christina Cole who played Caroline Bingley. She and Jemima started in Hex together so Lost in Austen must have been a bit of reunion for them.

Future developments are awaited with interest!