Saturday, 4 April 2009

Terminator: TSSC Episode 2.18

In this week's episode the death of Riley has repercussions and we see the return of Cromartie, Ellison and Weaver.

"Kendra" is visibly injured after her fight with Riley so she goes to a bar and picks a fight to explain her wounds.

Sarah is packing her stuff for a move while chatting to a neighbour. The neighbour just happens to mention that her boyfriend the cop had to deal with a murder and goes on to describe Riley's distinguishing marks just so Sarah can find out Riley was killed.

Sarah goes to tell John. Finding John with Cameron Sarah tells the machine to leave the room. Cameron steps outside and sees a bid fly away. Summer Glau then gets the funniest line of the episode: "Goodbye bird. There was a 51% chance I wouldn't have killed you."

Sara believes that Cameron killed Riley. John wants to believe she didn't. When Derek gets the news he tells "Kendra". She replies that maybe some "good" can come of it and John will destroy Cameron. Derek is not impressed with her attitude, but he probably agrees.

Sarah discovers Cameron's stash of spare parts and burns them.

Later John goes to look at Riley's body. He sees her wounds and appears to work out that Cameron could not be responsible.

Elsewhere Weaver's little girl wants to play hide-and-seek. Cromartie lures her to his basement room and offers to play. She goes missing. Later Ellison and Weaver have to play a guessing game to find her. Weaver is impressed with what "John Henry" is learning. Ellison is not. After they find the girl in a helicopter on the roof he gives Cromartie a good talking to about placing the girl in danger.

A series of "flashbacks" to 2027 show a mission on the submarine that "Kendra" once mentioned. The "metal" captain uses unorthodox methods to escape attack from a Skynet machine called a Kraken. "Kendra" then realises that they are 300 miles off course.

The captain (called Queeg after the captain in The Caine Mutiny) says he is on a secret mission for John Connor. They are to pick up a package. Eventually they get the package from some other terminators. It is a mysterious metal box. What can be in it?

The episode ends with a "to be continued", but in the "next time" preview we can see a liquid metal T-1000 come out of the mysterious box and attack the crew of the sub. So was it a secret mission for John Connor, or was it a trick by the terminators?

Another good episode, although this one does feel like build-up.