Sunday, 26 April 2009

Lucy Brown leaves Primeval shock!

I've been watching Primeval since the show started in 2007. Right away I was smitten by the lovely Claudia Brown, played by the equally lovely Lucy Brown. My jaw dropped at the end of episode six when it appeared that Claudia had been wiped from history. I cheered (metaphorically) when Lucy returned in the second series, this time as new character Jenny Lewis.

In last night's episode (the one with the fungus man - there's something I don't get to type very often) Lucy/Jenny gave me a big shock when she announced she was leaving the team.

"New recruit Jason Flemyng will surely convince her to stay", I thought. Alas, his powers of persuasion were not up to the task.

On the bright side it will hopefully mean we get to see Lucy appearing in other projects. I think she's making a pilot for US TV for example.

But Primeval just won't be the same without her...

Here's a picture of series 3 Lucy from Shootastic. You can see it plus other photos in higher quality at

By the way, the new series got off to a ropey start but has really hit it's stride. Last week's "G-Rex at the airport" episode was particularly strong and the "fungus man" episode was very fast moving and tense.