Saturday, 25 April 2009

Terminator: TSSC Episode 2.21

Holy crap!

The episode opens with the gang at a potter's field where there are a lot of headstones reading simply 1984. Kyle Reese must be buried here. Sarah tells Derek that she doesn't trust him.

John produces a mobile phone he took from one of the coverall guys last week and on it is a photo of Weaver's daughter. John recognises her from the child psychologist's office.

A terminator arrives at Weaver's house to either abduct or kill the girl. (Is he part of the coverall guy conspiracy, or are they rivals?) Cromartie sees the whole thing on CCTV and gives instructions over the phone to keep the girl away from the terminator.

Sarah and the gang turn up to rescue the girl. Derek gets shot in the head.

Just like that.

Derek's dead.

No big heroic death scene. No goodbyes. Shot in the head by a terminator.

Holy crap! Not many TV shows would do that.

The gang escape and hide out. Cromartie tells Ellison that Sarah Connor took the girl. Ellison phones Sarah and arranges a meet. Sarah wants to talk to Weaver.

Meanwhile John talks to the girl. She describes her friend John Henry who lives in the basement and has a cable in his head. John realises it's a terminator and confirms it's Cromartie by showing the girl a photo of the actor Lazlo. Sara still wants to meet Weaver.

Cameron tells John that Sarah wanted Charley to look after him. She makes a remark that Sarah is loosing weight.

They arrange a meet in a cinema. Ellison takes the girl but as Sarah leaves the cops show up and capture her. Sarah fights to the end. John and Cameron leave from another exit.

So then there are two.

Spare a thought for John. Riley is killed. Charley is killed. Derek is terminated. And now his mother is captured.

The closing shot is the potter's field with a new headstone simply marked 2009.

One episode to go.