Sunday, 19 April 2009

Terminator: TSCC Episode 2.20

OK, we're really getting near the end of the season now, and perhaps the end of the series as I've read the show may not be getting a third season.

This one is a pretty character driven episode until near the end when STUFF STARTS HAPPENING!

The gang pack up their belongings and hit the road. Sarah and John end up in a sort of funky lighthouse place. Someone already lives here because there's a friendly dog. Who could it be? Charley Dixon walks in, you know, Sarah's old boyfriend from1999. Turns out he's the one living there. It is implied that Sarah set this up but they've not seen each other since Penny from Lost got assassinated by Cromartie.

Speaking of Cromartie/John Henry... He's playing a game with weaver's daughter. the kid wants her ducks to be part of the game but Cromartie tells her the ducks aren't covered by the rules of the game. The girl suggests he changes the rules. This causes him to do some sort of reboot and for a while it loks like he's going into terminator emulation mode.

A scientist guy runs in and hits the power off button. Scientist guy tells Weaver and Ellison that malware was downloaded into Cromartie and according to the comments in the file it was written by Myles Dyson of Terminator 2 fame.

When Cromartie is turned on again he claims that there is another computer like him on the Internet - his "brother".

Back at the funky lighthouse place Sarah tells Charley that she wants him to look after John. In a wordless scene she takes his hand and puts in on her breast. Charley is confuses and then realises he feels a lump. She tells him that she was supposed to die in 2005 and maybe that will still happen, albeit delayed because she skipped forward eight years.

Sarah goes to a doctor to check the lump. The doctor says a cyst has formed around a metal implant. Sarah immediately assumes its a transmitter put there by three dot warehouse dream guy and uses a defibrillator to zap it.


Men in coveralls converge on three locations: Sarah at the doctor's, John and Charley at the funky lighthouse place and Cameron and Derek in a SUV.

Cameron and Derek have a tire blowout and Derek investigates a mysterious van following them. He gets captured but not before Cameron sees that the van belongs to the port authority. She follows them to the port and walks in to a big dark corridor that has "trap" written all over it. She gets doused in water and then zapped by electricity. The coverall guy is on the phone getting instructions (from Cromartie's brother?) on how to remove her chip. Cameron wakes up and stops coverall guy and then rescues Derek.

John and Charley are attacked by more coverall men. They run to the dock and have a gun battle. John is untying the boat while Charley covers him. We don't see if they escape.

Sarah has a battle in the hospital with her own coverall guy and zaps his head with the defibrillator. (Nicely done Sarah! Bonus points for innovative use of medical equipment.) She heads back to the funky lighthouse place to see the body of a coverall guy. Down on the dock the boat is gone but she sees a deceased Charley floating in the water with bullet wounds in the shape of three dots in his chest.

Two episodes to go! And I but lots of STUFF is HAPPENING in them too!