Saturday, 11 April 2009

Terminator: TSCC Episode 2.19

This episode continues the "Captain Queeg" storyline from last week. It turns out to be quite a talky episode, but in a good way.

In the present John asks Derek how long he would last in a fight against Cameron without weapons. Derek agrees that if Cameron wants someone dead then they are dead.

John goes to "Kendra's", sorry Jessie's, hotel room and draws a gun on her. He tells her not to pretend that she doesn't know him. He gets her to admit she killed Riley and then decides to let her go. She asks if he would have deactivated Cameron if he believed she killed Riley. He says no. "Then it's a damn shame," says Jessie.

Derek is waiting for Jessie downstairs. He explains how he killed Andy Good in the present even though they were like brothers in the future. He says he doesn't think that this Jessie is "his" Jessie. She runs. He raises his gun and appears to pull the trigger.

There's just a little bit of Cromartie in this one. He is painting model figurines. Later he reveals to Weaver that he knows about former employees who have "resigned" but have not appeared since. He says he found a "resignation letter" for Ellison in Weaver's computer system.

In the flashbacks to 2027 we see the repercussions of the mysterious box being taken onto the submarine. Queeg won't reveal what is in the box. One of the sailors is disgusted that the metal have made their way into every aspect of the resistance. He wonder's who is running the war.

Later some of the crew break into the box. A T-100 kills one and takes their form before vanishing into the sub. Jessie wants to search but Queeg overrules her. Tensions run high and members of the crew accuse Jessie of being metal.

Queeg kills a dissenter and Jessie resolves to take over the ship. She shoots queeg in the head and abandons the sub. Just before boarding the escape pod the T-1000 appears to Jessie and passes on a message for John Connor. The answer is 'no'. Jessie and the crew escape and we also see the liquid metal machine escape.

Back at base Jessie is being debriefed by Cameron. Jessie wants to give the message to John in person but Cameron insists that telling her is the same thing. Jessie realises that the sailor was maybe right about the metal running the show. She tells Cameron the answer was no. Cameron tells her that the question was "Will you join us?" Does this imply that there is a rogue grouping of machines out of Skynet control. Was the T-1000 the one that would become Weaver?

Cameron also reveals that Jesse has lost the baby she was carrying during the mission on the sub. So all in all this episode does go some way to explaining why Jessie was so focused on getting Cameron away from John Connor. She believes that she is the only one who can see what a danger Cameron and the metal have become.