Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Lucy Liemann in Reggie Perrin

I've just seen a trailer for a remake of Reggie Perrin on the BBC. First minus point against it is that it's a remake of a Leonard Rossiter comedy, so how can it compare. Second minus point against it is that it stars Martin Clunes and he always plays the same character, i.e. Martin Clunes.

However it gets at least five plus points for casting Lucy Liemann in it.

Lucy played script editor Sam in the really very good Moving Wallpaper, the second series of which has just been shown on ITV. She usually ended up playing the comic foil to the endearingly vain and inept producer Jonathan Pope played by Ben Miller.

So I will make the effort to watch this new thing for Lucy. I will be very surprised it it even raises a smile, but Lucy's presence will make watching it worthwhile.