Sunday, 31 May 2009

Karen Gillan as new Doctor Who companion

This is a bit of a redundant post as I'm sure if you follow Doctor Who you will have seen this already over the weekend. But just in case you haven't... Karen Gillan has been announced as the new companion for the fifth series of the new Doctor Who.

The new episodes won't be on TV until Spring 2010 but I assume they are gearing up to start filming around now.

Karen was in the Roman episode from the last series so I need to go back and watch that one again.

She is also the first red-haired companion since... well, the last one I suppose.

I have high hopes for the new series as Stephen Moffat is taking charge. He was responsible for the episode "Blink" in the third series. I still maintain that story was one of the best episodes of any TV series I have ever seen.

Here's the news as reported on the BBC News website: