Sunday, 31 May 2009

Lara Pulver in Robin Hood 3.09

Another strong episode this week, and one that could be subtitled "Isabella Turns to the Dark Side".

It's Isabella's first day as Sheriff. She gets off to a good start and frees a girl called Meg who didn't want to marry any of the chinless wonders her father had lined up for her. Isabella obviously makes a connection with the girl. Then Isabella announces the forthcoming execution of her brother Guy.

Then enter Thornton, Isabella's bad husband. You can tell he's bad because at various points in the episode he chases her, makes her cry, makes her dig for gold coins in a burial mound and grabs her face roughly.

Isabella is rescued by Robin and promises she'll support King Richard and give him the gold if he gets rid of Thornton. However later she discovers that Robin has eyes for Kate. After being terrorised by Thornton she decides that Robin's deal is another threat hanging over her and double-crosses him. She is so wary of being betrayed that she also condemns the Meg to death for trying to free Gisborne.

Robin's intervenes and Gisborne and Meg escape the execution, although Meg is mortally wounded.

Thornton returns and Isabella kills him, her "first murder" as Robin calls it. By the end of the episode Isabella is dressed in suitably dark clothes and promising vengeance on Robin.

Lara Pulver does another terrific job with this episode. She dominates the screen in her journey to the dark side.

Special mention of Holliday Grainger who did a good job playing Meg. Most of her scenes were shared with Richard Armitage in the cells. Her character appears pivotal in at least partially rehabilitating Gisborne.
Now here are 36 screen grab type images of Lara...

Not happy to see Thornton

Making the deal with Robin

Realising Meg has betrayed her
Giving Robin the "gold"

At the executuion

Thornton returns