Saturday, 23 May 2009

"V" reVisited (with added VanderVoort)

There is a trailer online for the new remake of 1980s series "V". And the trailer confirms that it is a remake rather than a continuation of the old series.

Honestly it all seems to be a fairly straightforward remake of the original. Mother ships arrive, everyone looks skyward with awe, friendly message is relayed, we come in peace and a brave few humans have their doubts. To be fair the makers do seem to have added an interesting religious element with the Visitors playing up their role as saviours.

Morena Baccarin as "Anna" (the new Diana I think) does get a unsettling line, saying to a interviewer, "Just be sure not to ask us anything that would paint us in a negative light." And yes, it's none other than Scott "Party of Five" Wolf as the interviewer.

As an added bonus here are a couple of photos of Laura Vandervoort that I found on looking very well in a blue Visitor uniform.