Saturday, 2 May 2009

Lara Pulver - "Oh, you adorable girl!"

I watched my second episode of Robin Hood tonight. It was episode 6 of the third series and was titled "Do you love me?" And I have to say I enjoyed it very much.

Toby Stephens arrived as Price John and in a single episode made paying the licence fee worthwhile. His prince is a vain creature who wants to be king. He wonders why the peasants don't love him when he tries to burn down their church with them inside it.

"Long live Prince John," say his guests. "Long live me," he replies.

He sets up Gisborne and the Sheriff to fight each other to the death, apparently so he can blame Robin Hood. We get a pretty good sword fight resulting in the apparent death of the Sheriff. Until later we see his hand move...

Lara Pulver returns as Isabella and by now methinks I am quite smitten. She seemed to grow more attractive as the episode went on. But beyond my shallowness I do note she is a pretty damn good actress. Many of her scenes are with Toby Stephens where she's playing up to his vanity, describing her "capture" by Robin and whispering a "King John" whenever needed.

And she looks great in a period frock.

Minus points for snogging Robin. It seemed a little too soon. Oh well, it had to happen eventually I suppose.

I don't normally do the screen-grab thing, but in this case I will make an exception as there are not many photos of Lara/Isabella out there. It was no hardship.

I may have a go doing the screen-grab thing next week. I'll see how it goes.