Saturday, 2 May 2009

Terminator: TSSC Episode 2.22

So, for what might be the last time here are my comments on a new episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Sarah is in a prison cell being interviewed by an FBI guy who played someone on The West Wing. He asks where John is and Sarah says he is dead. Sara asks to see a priest. It's the same priest from the first episode of the season when they hid in his church and tried to deactivate Cameron. Sarah explains about the terminators and asks for his help.

John and Cameron are hiding in a motel. He is angry at Cameron in case she has been giving off radiation from her power source that has made his mother ill. Cameron gets him to check her power source and it's "cold" which is "good". This is actually a very creepy and uncomfortable scene that requites John to straddle Cameron on the bed.

The priest makes contact with someone who in turn visits John and Cameron. It's the chick who was hanging out with the gang of forgers from the first season. She hands over new passports. John looks for a message from his mother. The girl passes on a message: Don't try to rescue Sarah.

A terminator goes into a gun shop to buy a silencer. (The gun dealer doesn't know how lucky he was to survive.) Later the machine tries to kill Weaver and seems a little confused that bullets didn't do the job. Weaver dispatches him.

Cameron sees Ellison outside and gets him. He says Weaver wants to meet John to thank him for saving the daughter. Ellison passes on a message for Cameron: "Will you join us?" Cameron is momentarily taken aback. This certainly seems to confirm that Weaver is the same T-1000 from the sub in the future.

The guy from The West Wing asks Sarah if she know where Danny Dyson is? Miles Dyson's son has vanished. Is he perhaps the one behind the SkyNet malware that infected Cromartie? Is he working on SkyNet, perhaps against his will?

John and Cameron go to rescue Sarah anyway. Well, Cameron does most of the work. Lots of guards shoot her so shes got that cool exposed endoskeleton look going on. John Henry/Cromartie is watching from his basement room and unlocks all the doors. Sarah escapes and is reunited with John and Cameron.

John and Sarah go to visit Weaver. Meanwhile Cameron breaks in to the basement to supposedly destroy John Henry.

While John and Sarah talk to Weaver one of the drone aircraft from an earlier episode flies into Weaver's building and explodes. Weaver turns into a metal wall to protect them. They run to the basement to discover Cromartie is gone and Cameron is in his place. She has given Cromartie her chip.

Sarah recognizes the Turk computer which has, surprise, three red dots on it. Weaver says she is not developing SkyNet but rather a means of combating SkyNet. So it does appear that there is a faction of machines who for some reason want to prevent SkyNet winning the war.

Weaver activates a time displacement "bubble" sending herself and John into the future. John is quickly discovered by members of the resistance including none other than Derek Reese, his father Kyle Reese and Alison, the girl who looks like Cameron. Not only do they not recognise John, they don't appear to know the name "John Connor". Does this imply they've not met him yet, or that by jumping into the future there has been no John Conner around since the war started?

This was a very strong episode with a great cliffhanger. I love time travel paradox stuff so this is great. Every time someone jumps back or forward through time a new draft of history is created.

If the show ends now if will be a great shame. I guess we will hear in the next few weeks.